Turbodeflector is an element of natural ventilationthat draws 4 times more effectively in ventilating ducts
Active head of the deflector
rotates using wind forcing,
producing discharge in the ventilating duct that provides thrust strengthening
Useful life is 15 years
Installation does not demand special skills and knowledges
Protection from birds, wind, rain and snow blowing-out is excluded
It is 4 times more effective than other deflectors
Be careful of "handicraft" counterfeits!
Only we have original Turbodeflectors assembled in the factory
We deliver across all Russia and the CIS
Using network of dealers and transportation companies
Bottom prices
Due to smoothly running mass production we provide bottom prices
100% paying back
Did you change your mind to mount the Turbodeflector or did the color not fit under the roof? We return you money for ANY reason

How we make turbodeflectors

Ventilation typical problems

All builders, managing companies, residents of houses and apartments, builders face these problems
Backdraught in ventilating ducts
Weak ventilation at upper floors of apartment houses
Wind blowing-out into ventilating ducts and apartments
Rushes of strong wind blowing-out of gas-fired burner of field-erected boilers
Energy high costs of ventilation systems
Dampness in the room
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Why is it profitable to mount Turbodeflector?

Cost comparison of duct shaft options

Cost comparison of duct shaft options

Height of channel 3m
Size 2x0,5m
Bricklaying work 6 000 rub 12 (sq.m) x 500 (rub)
Bricks (800 pieces) 12 800 rub
Peak 3 200 rub
Total: 22 000 rub

Duct shaft with the Turbodeflector

25% more profitable!
Height of channel 1,5m
Size 2x0,5m
Bricklaying work 3 000 rub 6 (sq.m) x 500 (rub)
Bricks (400 pieces) 6 400 rub
Turbodeflector 4 178 rub
Transition 1 500 rub
Installation 1 500 rub
Total: 16 578 rub


Construction cost reduction

In comparison with other technical solutions installation of Turbodeflectors is 25% more profitable

Erection speed

Average time of installation of the Turbodeflector is 1-2 hours. For this purpose, 1 person is sufficed.

Simple installation without specifics

The reliable design, low weight, simplicity of installation of the Turbodeflector allow to carry out its installation without involvement of specialists and expensive lifting equipment.


Unlike with regular deflectors the reliable design of the Turbodeflector does not allow it to warp sideways and to rip off by wind that excludes power lines faults and cars standing nearby.

Examples of the turbodeflector installation

Real estate development company, Cheboksary city

Back draft to apartments

Was: the effect of back draft was observed on upper floors of 9 floor houses, air overflow from one ventilating duct in another. Claims of residents.
Became: all problems connected with ventilation were gone, stable draft appeared on upper floors, air blowing out and overflowing disappeared. Claims of residents stopped.
What was mode: concrete peaks of ventilating ducts on the roof were dismantled and TD-500 Turbodeflector with transition was mounted. The transitions were insulated using pressure-sensitive isolation in order to avoid formation of condensate.
Cost: Turbodeflector (1 piece), transition and installation is 8200 rubles.,
Real estate development company, Tsivilsk city

Poor draft in the ventilation duct

Was: the effect of back draft was observed on upper floors, air overflow from one ventilating duct in another. Poor draft. During strong wind air blew out flame in gas-fired burners of field-erected boilers.
Became: all problems connected with ventilation were gone, stable draft appeared on upper floors, air blowing out and overflowing disappeared. Claims of residents stopped.
What was mode: TD-300, TD-500 Turbodeflectors were mounted instead of peaks on duct shafts.
Cost: more than 60 Turbodeflectors were mounted in total. Average cost of each is 5600 rubles.
Apartment house,
6 Gagarina St., Cheboksary city

Gas-fired burners are blown

Was: poor and changeable draft in the channel of chimney flue of flow-type calorifier. Burner flame blowing out of during strong wind. The gas service sent the instruction to managing company. Claims of residents.
Became: good and stable chimney draft from flow-type calorifiers. The instruction of the gas service is eliminated. There are no claims of residents.
EN_Что сделано: установили Турбодефлекторы ТД-300 из нержавеющей стали через переход.
Cost: cost of one TD-300 Turbodeflector cost of stainless steel with installation and transition is 7660 rubles.

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