There are such concerns. By experience of observations for already mounted TD there was only one case when the client told that TD did not rotate in cold weather. It was one day, next day it started rotating again. It should be noted that this customer installed more than 200 TD at his objects and only 1 behaved thus in frost.

Video-answer about Turbodeflectors rotation in winter is lower:

Delivery to transport company is free of charge, you pay services of transportation company independently. It is not so expensive and delivery happens within several days. Depending on the chosen transportation company.
We work with all transport companies located in Cheboksary.
Depending on the mounted bearing. We can offer option with German, closed, not served bearings. In this case servicing is not required. If the mounted bearing is of economy class, then it is recommended to grease it at least 1 time a year.
TD is recommended to mount at the level of a roof and above. As a rule, for Russia wind on upper floors even at the level of a roof of the single storey building is always. It is a frequent question however after installation the client sees that wind is and TD works.
Turbodeflector is an element of natural ventilation. Motivating force is wind. An active head of the Turbodeflector under wind influence de-aerating in the ventilating duct, thereby discharge is created and draft amplifies.

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